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If You’re Not Translating Your Content,

 You Are Losing Out On A Lot Of Profits…

Only 20% Of The World Speaks English

  • Just think of that for a moment…

Out of the 7.8 billion people on this planet speak english.

What this means, is that you’re losing out on the other 80% that don’t speak English.

80%? Isn’t that scary?

Imagine how much profit you’re losing out on by only serving to customers that speak English.

And that’s exactly why we came up with a solution that solves this problem for once and for all!



  • Blogify worldwide allows you to instantly expand your customer audience by transcribing Youtube Videos into any other languages than English.
  • For instance, you could instantly turn an English video into Spanish content, without knowing a word of the language!
  • It’s all a reality with the help of our artificial intelligence.

You’re Only Three Steps Away 

Paste in your keyword or any Youtube URLs 

Choose the language you want to transcribe to


Enjoy your translated text in the language you want.



From Transcribing Youtube Videos Into Any Other Languages…

  • Boom, you now have content in a different language.

 Meaning you just expanded your market share!

Why Investing In Blogify Worldwide Is A Common Sense

Even for those who DO speak english, most feel more comfortable reading to content in their native language. When you deliver content that’s your customer native language, there’s a much higher level of trust.

People Prefer Reading In Their Native Language

English, Arabic, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Filipino, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin Chinese or whatever language you want.

Any Other Languages To Choose From

Just imagine how much more profits you could make by connecting to the other 80% of the world that doesn’t speak English

Reach The Other 80% Of The World

You can make profits by creating websites in languages you don’t know a word of. It’s possible with the power of Blogify Worldwide.

You can collect ad revenue and even better loads of free traffic…

Create Websites In Languages You Don’t Speak

It really is as easy as stated…

Paste in your keyword, choose from one of our other languages, and you’ll have content ready for your site within mere seconds. Gone are the days of freelance translators delivering late, messing up your entire project…

Accurate Translations Within Minutes

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HURRY! Price Rises Again After..

HURRY! Price  Rises Again After..